Similar to whales, time hasn’t been kind to the snake species. They once had legs to navigate around the earth on, but over time they got smaller until they became virtually nonexistent. If you believe in science it was evolution that caused the change in their body structure, if you believe the bible it was a punishment for a snake deceiving Eve into eating an apple from the Tree of Life that led to their legs being taken. In any case now snakes have to slither around on their bellies, which is probably as painful as it looks. One genius engineer who has a YouTube channel set out to change the course of time using robotics.

Real Snake With Robot Legs Goes Viral

YouTuber Allen Pan is a legend on the internet known for his incredible inventions. He is especially skilled at building robotic exoskeletons, and because he really loves snakes he used his knowledge to help improving their quality of life. His mission would require a series of steps meant to make sure snakes would feel comfortable inside his invention, and also move naturally.

Allen Pan first designed the robotic snake legs using computer software, then 3D printed each part needed to complete the exoskeleton physically. Next he visited a pet store to study closely how lizards moved around, then used computer programing to mimic those movements with his invention. Then came the most important part, which was finding a snake he could test the robotic legs with. With the help of a snake breeder he successfully found a python candidate to bring the robotic snake legs to life.

For Allen Pan this is only the beginning of something that could change the way of life for snakes forever. This type of device could become a popular item for people who have snakes as pets. It takes a true snake lover to put the time in to do something this amazing.

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