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Video: Minneapolis Drive-By Firework Shooting Sparks ‘The Purge’ Movie Comparisons

July 4th was supposed to be a day of celebration for those happy with the state of the country, but it turned into a day of death, despair, and chaos. The news headlines were taken over by a mass shooting, police shootings, and also a firework shooting in Minneapolis that made some people think of the movie ‘The Purge’.

Details on How a Drive-By Firework Shooting in Minneapolis Sparked ‘The Purge’ Movie Comparisons

A video circulating on social media appears to show a truck in Minneapolis shooting people with fireworks while driving around the downtown area. The person seemed to have an semiautomatic firework gun mounted on the truck as it drove around GTA style terrorizing people who were running frantically for safety on the street. It even followed them around corners, which showed how determined the driver was to inflict damage.

As you’ll see in the footage below the firework gun was shooting large projectiles at the pedestrians on street that definitely could have caused some deadly burns, or other injuries. The video was recorded by someone looking out their window at the chaos unfolding below. On social media people compared the drive-by Minneapolis truck firework shooting incident to scenes from ‘The Purge’ movie.

That definitely does look like it could a scene from The Purge, which was movie about a time period where the government would allow all crime to be legal for a 12 hour time period annually.

At the moment it’s not known if police made any arrests related to the drive-by firework shooting in Minneapolis, but it’s crazy something like that happened with no law enforcement there to help the people who were being chased down by the crazy driver.

Hopefully no one was seriously injured.