Video Showing Man Connecting To Bluetooth After AstraZeneca Covid-19 Vaccine Shots Sparks AstraZeneca Micro-Chipping Conspiracy Theory

Are AstraZeneca covid-19 vaccine shots secretly micro-chipping people? Remember those videos of people sticking magnets to their arms after getting the Pfizer Covid vaccine shot? Well a new video shows that the AstraZeneca Vaccine may be putting a Bluetooth capable micro-chip in your arm directly where the shot is given. The proof comes in footage where a man connected to Bluetooth after the AstraZenca Covid-19 shot was given to him. To conspiracy theorists this seems like more proof of Bill Gates’ micro-chip based vaccine shot idea.

The man detailing his new AstraZeneca Bluetooth capabilities showed that if he goes near any device it automatically shows him as a Bluetooth device called “AstraZeneca” with random numbers added on. He has been too fearful of his new ability to actually try pairing with the device attempting to connect.

Is this proof the AstraZeneca vaccine shot is micro-chipping people? Take a look at these videos.

If AstraZeneca vaccine is micro-chipping people it could be a sign that Bill Gates secretly moved ahead with his implantable vaccine micro-chip plan. We wrote a detailed article about it, which you can read here. There was also the strange HR 6666 TRACE Act bill, which was also related to Bill Gates implantable vaccine idea.

The AstraZeneca Bluetooth side effect seems a lot creepier than the Pfizer magnet affect, but both are still very worrisome to conspiracy theorists. How deep does rabbit hole really go, or is it even deep at all?

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