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IG Model Brianna Bizness Using Cocaine Paste on her Eyes For Clear Skin on Instagram Live Goes Viral

These days you see many wild things on Instagram Live, but a recent video from an IG Model giving advice on how to have clear skin might be one the craziest ever. The IG Model named Brianna Bizness uses cocaine paste on her skin, which she claims keeps it clear.

As the video starts IG model Brianna Bizness has cocaine rubbed on her eye bag area while walking around her house, or so she claimed. She casually explained how she makes Peruvian cocaine into paste then rubs it on her face for clear skin. Things got worse when she casually said you can scrape the coke off your face to snort later. She ended her instructions warning people to be careful if they smoke while doing the cocaine skin care regimen, because some got her blunt one time.

Take a listen to Brianna Bizness’ coke paste for clear skin revelation.

What this IG model may or may not realize is that your skin is an organ, and can absorb chemicals just like ingesting or snorting. Scientific studies have proven that cocaine can be absorbed through prolonged skin contact. Essentially she is putting concentrated cocaine chemicals in her body every time she does one of those dangerous skin treatments.

If Brianna Bizness isn’t trolling with her cocaine paste clear skin idea then hopefully people around will step in to help, because she may be addicted and doesn’t realize it. Hopefully no one out there thinks using coke paste for clear skin is a smart idea.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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