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Man Who Snitched on Female Massage Parlor Worker For Touching His Genitals Goes Viral For the Wrong Reason

A man is going viral on social media for calling the police on a female massage therapist who allegedly touched his genitals without his consent. The viral video shows the police handcuffing the petite woman, as the man taunts her and yells that she touched his genitals.

The incident allegedly took place at a massage parlor called ‘Healthy Massage’ that is open 24 hours, although their official business hours say 10:30am to 9:30pm. The location of the massage parlor is not clear, but some online sources suggest that it is in California. The massage parlor has a 5 star rating on Yelp, although only two people have left a review.

The man claims that after the female massage parlor worker touched his genitals, she refused to give him his money back when he requested a refund. It’s not clear if this means he wouldn’t have called the police, if she had just returned his cash.

The video has sparked a lot of reactions from people who are incredulous and amused by the man’s actions. Many men on social media have expressed their disbelief, and disappointment that the man would snitch on a female massage therapist for touching his genitals.

On Twitter, for example, most people in the comments were asking for the address of the massage parlor, so they can experience the same service that he complained about. Some even joked that they would tip the woman extra for her efforts.

The Location of the Man Snitching on the Female Massage Parlor Therapist that Touched his private parts
The Reactions to the Man Snitching on the Female Massage Parlor Therapist Touching his Genitals Were Not What Many People Expected

The reactions to the situation shows how there is a double standard in society when it comes to men who are sexually assaulted vs women who are assaulted. While intimate assault is a serious crime that can cause physical and psychological harm to anyone, regardless of gender, many people tend to dismiss or mock men who report being assaulted by women. This can discourage men from seeking help or justice, and perpetuate the stigma and stereotypes that surround male victims of intimate assault.

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