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22 Year Old TikToker Quits $100K Job to Beg Logan Paul For a Job and Gets CURVED

Some of the best advice you will get in the work world is to make sure you have another job secured before quitting the job you currently have, but sometimes people have to learn that hard way. A perfect example is 22 year old TikToker who quit his $100k job to beg Logan Paul for a job then got curved. The video was posted by TikTok user aj_wallace69.

Why Did Logan Paul Turn Down the TikToker Who Quit his 100K Job to Work For Him?

In the video AJ Wallace explained to Logan Paul how he quit his $100K job in hopes he could work for him. He had dreams of making videos and being an actor who made millions. He wanted Logan Paul to be his mentor, but there was one huge problem. Logan Paul said he can’t mentor anyone, because he himself needs life mentors. His response left the TikToker crying at the huge life mistake he made by quitting his secure $100K job.

Part 2.

Although Logan Paul curved a man who quit his 100K job in hopes of working for him, this video still shows how humble he is. Most superstars wouldn’t have taken the time to listen to the TikToker telling his life story.

Hopefully, TikToker aj_wallace69 can find another job that will help him achieve his dreams of being star. Having a $100K job at 22 years old would be a dream come true for most people his age, and he threw all that away on a whim. That’s the epitome of believing in yourself, or wishful thinking.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff