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New Amber Rose Picture Sparks Juntao from Rush Hour Movie Comparisons to Go Viral on Social Media

Amber Rose was once one of the most talked about Vixens in the hip-hop industry. While she’s still famous she isn’t in the spotlight as much as she used to be, which isn’t suprising considering she’s a mother now. However, recent pictures have people worried about the changes in her physical appearance, and it has spark some interesting movie character comparisons.

Does Amber Rose look like Juntao from Rush Hour?

On Setember 18, 1998 the Rush Hour film was released in movie theatres, and became an instant classic. Still till this day it’s the movie both Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker are most rememberd for. At the time it was released Amber Rose was around 16 years old. Now 23 years later people are comparing her to Juntao who was the villian of the movie. We all remember when Chris Tucker told Juntao “wipe yourself off you’re dead” near the end of the film.

As you probably known Juntao was famous for having that short blonde haircut, and face that looked like he had been through a lot of rough times in life. In an alleged recent photo of Amber Rose she appears to have aged a lot, and looks very stressed out. With her blonde short haircut some people feel she looks a lot like Juntao now. Take a look at this viral photo.

Who really knows what Amber Rose is truly going through right now, but she definitely does look a bit stressed in the photo. Hopefully the picture just caught her in a bad moment.