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Did Kanye West Insinuate His ‘Defcon 3’ Tweet is Purposely Being Taken Out of Context by White Media While Apologizing to the Black Community for George Floyd Comment?

As Kanye West continues to be cancelled by the media over his alleged anti-semitic comments, and now he is speaking out to clear his name, tell people how he feels about the situation, and make things right in terms of his connection to the black community. As we all know Kanye West lost over a billion dollars in net worth over the past few days after he sent out a tweet saying he was going to go “defcon 3” on Jewish people. Based on a recent interview it’s possible he believes the meaning of that tweet was taken out of context, so he could be publicly persecuted.

Kanye West Explains What He Meant by ‘Defcon 3’ and Apologizes to the Black Community for George Floyd Comment

Before Kanye West started getting cancelled by the white media, he sparked controversy within the black community by claiming that George Floyd died from a Fentanyl overdose. During a Drink Champs interview he claimed that Derek Chauvin’s knee wasn’t on his neck. Now with all his business deals being cancelled due to one tweet, Kanye West explained that he now feels a knee is on his neck, which made him truly understand what happened to George Floyd, and how he hurt the black community with his comments about his death.

Due to his heightened understanding of how he thinks what George Floyd went through feels, Kanye West apologized to the black community. In addition he insinuated that God is using him for a special purpose in this situation. According to Kanye West when he tweeted that he was going ‘Defcon 3’ on Jewish people all that he meant was that he needed to be extra defensive since he alleged he was getting treated unfairly in the business landscape.

It seems he possibly believes the tweet was purposely taken out of context by white media in order to make an example out of him, since he was black billonaire talking boldly about people he claims are in power. By definition Defcon 3 does mean having a heightened level of defense. Take a listen.

For reference here were Kanye’s comments on George Floyd and fentanyl.

Regardless of why this situation is happening one thing everyone can agree on is that these are problems Kanye West brought on himself. However, it seems likely that he expected these problems to follow after the things he said.

In the song “Can’t Tell me Nothing” Kanye West said, “Wait until I get my money right”. In some ways he’s living out his raps right now, because he amassed enough money to lose over $1 Billion, and still be worth at least $400 million after revealing all his personal issues with the alleged higher ups in his industry in front of the world.