A graphic representation of who killed Baby Cino. A screenshot of Baby Cino's last IG live video before his shooting death.

In what’s probably one of the craziest shooting stories in recent months involving a hip-hop artist, popular Miami rapper Baby Cino was shot dead yesterday. Details about how Baby Cino was murdered paints a picture that shows he was actually safer inside his jail cell. His taste of freedom was very short lived as his enemies got revenge in a very quick manner.

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Details About Why Baby Cino was Shot and Killed Immediately After Getting Out Prison

According to police reports Baby Cino was shot dead right after walking out of prison. As he was getting into his friend’s vehicle, another car pulled up beside them and opened fire.

Baby Cino was hit several times, and died at the scene. People are saying he even still had his prison wrist band on. The condition of his comrade is unknown.

Who Killed Baby Cino? Baby Cino’s Last IG Live Video May Explain Why He Was Shot Dead After Getting Out Prison

According to police reports Baby Cino was a member of the Lil Haiti Gang. Investigators allegedly have reason to believe this was gang related shooting that was retaliation for some prior incident.

It’s not clear if this is connected, but in Baby Cino’s last Instagram Live video he bragged about pistol whipping two rappers with his friends. He described how they badly injured the face of one of these rappers, which could cause him to have vision problems. He didn’t name the rappers his crew jumped.

Take a look at the video clip, press the unmute button if you hear no sound...

The video above is catching steam on social media, because before Baby Cino was shot dead he had just posted bond for gun charges he was facing. Could that have been the gun that was used to pistol whip the rappers he was talking about? Did those two rappers kill Baby Cino to get revenge for what his crew did to them? Only time will tell what the truth behind this situation is.

Baby Cino whose real name is Timothy Starks was only 20 years old at the time of his death. During his short rap career he had many street hits, but his most well known track was ‘Big Haiti Shottas’.

Hopefully there will come a time when all these tragic shootings in hip-hop come to an end. Is always sad to young aspiring artists getting murdered like this.

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