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Lil Boosie in the Weight Room Goes Viral After Video of CU Coach Proving He Can Outwork His Player

A video of a University of Colorado Boulder coach outworking his player in the weight room has gone viral on social media, but not for the reason you might think. The video shows the coach and the player doing a strength and endurance challenges, while the rest of the team cheers them on. What makes the video stand out is the Lil Boosie’s involvement.

Boosie in the Weight Room?

The CU players are big fans of Boosie, and they decided to blast his music on the training facility’s loudspeakers. They also started asking Boosie to pull up and join them in the weight room. To their surprise, Boosie actually responded to their request, but not in the way they expected. Instead of showing up physically, Boosie got to the CU weight room virtually via Facetime.

The video shows Boosie’s face on a phone screen, as he talks to the players and coaches. He praises them for their hard work and dedication, and tells them to keep grinding. The players were ecstatic to see and hear his voice.

The video has been shared widely on social media, with many people commenting on how cool it was for Boosie to Facetime with the CU players. Many described the moment as the ultimate flex, because it shows how easily they can talk to a legendary rapper.

Over the years Boosie has shown that he is a passionate sports fan, who really loves college basketball and football. It has been a good year for him as a Louisiana native, since LSU won the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament.

His videos about Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese were trending around that time. It’s not a surprise to see him showing love the CU Football team.

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