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“Rip Pop Smoke” Trends in 2021 as People React To It Being 1 Year Since Pop Smoke Died

It’s been 1 year since Pop Smoke was murdered, and the pain is still so fresh it feels like it happened yesterday. “RIP Pop Smoke” is trending in 2021 as people react it to being 1 year since he died.

These emotions of sadness are made stronger by the fact that most people didn’t even realize how much time has passed since the fateful day a hiphop legend passed away.

Take a look at some emotional Pop Smoke videos people posted to pay homage to the fallen superstar.

It’s still so sad what happened to Pop Smoke, because he was one of the most unique upcoming hiphop artists. He had a style that paid homage to past legends like 50 Cent, but also incorporated the styles seen in the UK grime hiphop scene. He blended these two elements to together effortlessly. He also took pride it not being ridiculously flamboyant like many new rappers try to be today to get attention.

Pop Smoke was a truly a one of one rapper, and we may never see another quite like him again.

Author: JordanThrilla

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