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Camron’s Hilarious Booty Eating Story Goes Viral

Cam’ron, the platinum-selling rapper and founder of the hip hop group The Diplomats, has recently made a shocking confession about his teenage booty eating experience with an older woman. The confession was made during an episode of his sports talk show “It Is What It Is”, which he co-hosts with his former rival and childhood friend Ma$e.

The show, which launched in early 2023, features Cam’ron and Ma$e discussing the hottest trends in sports, as well as sharing personal stories and opinions on various topics. The show has gained a loyal fan base and a lucrative deal, as well as attracting some controversy and criticism for its unfiltered and humorous content.

The revelations of Camron’s booty eating experience started as a discussion about how a woman was throwing him hints that she wanted to try it with him by using music. According to Camron he was in the car with a woman who asked if he could play some songs she liked. The song had mostly lyrics about eating people in the place where the sun don’t shine. Cam’ron interpreted this as the woman sending him subliminal hints, but he never gave in.

The story took an unexpected turn when it was revealed that a woman did eat Camron’s booty, but during his teenage years. According to Cam’ron he didn’t know any better at the time, and he thought it was the cool thing to do. He said while the woman was licking the area, it was not turning him on. He said that he wasn’t on his knees, and his legs weren’t up in the air. After that moment he decided to never let a woman go lower than his gooch grease.

The practice of booty eating continues to be a taboo subject for men. In many cases a man will be embarrassed to let the public know that he lets people lick that area. For many men that area is always off limits due to connotations that come along with letting someone play around in the area where your solid waste comes out from. At the end of the day you can’t knock anyone for what they do on their own time if they aren’t hurting anyone else.