Kanye West Reveals the Tiny Room He Lives In at Mercedes-Benz To Complete DONDA Album

When Kanye West revealed he moved into Mercedes-Benz stadium to complete his DONDA album, most people thought he was living lavishly and had it turned into a spectacular suite. However, just the opposite is true as he was living in the most modest way possible. In a new photo Kanye West revealed the tiny room he lives in at Mercedes-Benz stadium.

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The picture shows Kanye West is living in a room about the same size a freshman dorm room in college. There’s a small bed on the floor, a locker hole where he had a few clothes hanging, a small tv, and his suitcase. Remember this guy is worth $1 Billion, yet still is humble enough to live like in the photo below.

Kanye West Reveals the Tiny Room He Lives In at Mercedes-Benz To Complete DONDA Album

Why is Kanye West Living in a Tiny Room at Mercedes-Benz stadium?

This picture probably means one thing, Kanye West is making sure the DONDA album is a classic. It seems he went to a place that would get rid of every single distraction in his life, a room that almost resembles a prison cell. He abandoned his Wyoming Ranch for this change of scenery.

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There’s an old saying that goes “locked in a room, just me and my thoughts”, it seems Kanye West made that his reality to focus on DONDA 100%.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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