Here is How NYC Surgeon Dr. Han Jo Kim Discovered His Miss Connecticut Wife Regina Turner is a Call Girl Hooker Then Filed For Divorce

NYC surgeon Dr. Han Jo Kim’s world turned upside down after he discovered his “perfect” wife who competed for Miss USA was living a double life behind his back. His wife Regina Turner who is a former Miss Connecticut was actually a high end call girl escort who made close to $700,000 over the past 6 years from her rich clients. The two had been married since November 2015, and Regina Turner was having $exual relationships with her clients before and during their marriage.

His nightmare first started when he stumbled across an explicit text message between his wife and one her clients as he was using his computer. As he investigated further he learned that many of things he knew about Regina Turner were actually fabricated stories. For exampled she allegedly tricked him into believing she attended University of Connecticut, but in reality she never made it through high school. She also deceived him into believing she was developing a fashion app that required her to travel to China for lengthy amount times, during which he alleges she was actually hooking up with her clients.

Here is How NYC Surgeon Dr. Han Jo Kim Discovered His Miss Connecticut Wife Regina Turner is a Call Girl Escort Then Filed For Divorce

Dr. Han Jo Kim is seeking to annul his marriage to Regina Turner on grounds of marital fraud. He has filed for divorce with Manhattan Supreme Court. His lawyers claim the marriage would have never happened if knew about her past. It’s crazy a man as smart as him was so easily deceived by a woman who never graduated high school, but it shows how powerful beauty can be.

This terrible situation seems a bit similar to how OnlyFans model Stefanie Gurzanski scammed Stephen Cloobeck out of over $1 Million.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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