Here is Why Changing Your iPhone Region to France Will Make it Much Faster

Do you remember when Apple was exposed for intentionally reducing the performance of older iPhones? They claimed it was to help prolong the battery life of their older models when running on newer software, but many people claimed it was to make people buy newer phones. As a result Apple began to offer cheaper battery replacements, and also added a battery health monitor to their iOS software. Did you know that changing your iPhone’s region to France will make it much faster? This works even if you have a much older model too.

Why Does Changing your iPhone Region to France to Make It Faster?

When the controversy went down with Apple intentionally reducing the performance capabilities of old iPhones, they were fined by the country of France. As a result Apple does not tamper with the performance abilities of any iPhone that is set to the France region in order to avoid those hefty fines. France was the only country that decided to fine Apple for their shady practices.

The Downside of Changing Your iPhone’s Region to France

While changing your iPhone’s region to France will make it faster, it could cause other issues mostly regarding your purchases and apps. When you change the region of the App store you could lose access to apps and content you have previously downloaded. This won’t affect any apps that are currently installed on your iPhone, but you may not able to redownload them if they are deleted. Not all Apple store apps and content are affected by region changes, so it would be important to make sure apps are safe before making this change.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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