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Zoo Full of Dogs Painted to Look Like Other Animals Goes Viral

Have you ever wondered what a dog would look like as a fox or a leopard? Well, one dog groomer from California has made that possible with his creative zoo project. He has transformed his own dogs and some of his clients’ dogs into different animals using a non-toxic vegan dye.

The dog groomer posted a video of his zoo on his account last week. The video shows various dogs dressed up as other animals. Some example were a husky with orange fur and black feet like a fox, a poodle with a golden mane like a lion, a Pitbull painted to look like a leopard, and a small species of dog that was turned into a panda.

The video has received over 1 million likes and thousands of comments from people who are amazed by his work. Some of them praised him for his creativity and skill, while others expressed concern for the dogs’ well-being. The dog groomer assured people that he uses only safe and natural products on his dogs, and that they enjoy the attention and the treats they get.

Seeing dogs artistically painted to look like other animals is like the random interesting thing no one knew they needed. For some reason that seems more interesting than the prospect of a regular zoo where you see a large variety of wildlife. If your dog had to look like another animal, what look would you choose for them?

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