Coca Loca, a popular OnlyFans creator who goes by @cloudeeuhh on Twitter, @ibesweatin on Tiktok, and @clawdez on Instagram, has exposed a NYC realtor for allegedly stalking her and trying to hook up with her in return for lowering her rent.

The Full Story of How an NYC Real Estate Agent Allegedly Stalked and Sexually Harassed OnlyFans Star Coca-Loca

According to CocaLoca, the realtor named Joe Kaufman of Rodgers Manor LLC invited her to a vacant apartment saying he just wanted to “hug” her, but then closed the door behind him. She recorded the encounter and posted it on Twitter, where she can be heard asking him why he closed the door, and reiterating how creeped out she was. In another post she complained about how he was allegedly touching her inappropriately. The tweets quickly went viral garnering millions of views and reactions of outrage.

After leaving the apartment, Coca Loca claimed that Kaufman followed her to a bodega and continued to harass her. She said she tried to get help from other people but no one intervened. In her viral post she wrote, “nyc realtor asked me to come into a vacant apartment just to ask me for a ‘hug’ after telling me he can lower my rent for a ‘service’. I ran to the bodega to hide and he f****** came in looking for me my heart is beating so fast dude”.

Leaked Texts Allegedly Show NYC Realtor Joe Kaufman Has History of Harassing Female Tenants

According to her story she wasn’t able to get adequate help with the situation, so instead she decided to post his information on the internet, which revealed his named was allegedly the aforementioned Joe Kaufman. Amidst all the controversy texts leaked from another woman claiming that the same NYC realtor had tried doing the same thing with her after offering a “service” to lower rent. Coca-loca was so frightened by the predatorial behavior of the real estate agent that she claims she might carry a gun from now on.

Coca Loca’s story is an example of how one of the challenges that many women face when looking for or owning an apartment is sexual harassment from male landlords and realtors. According to a study by Professor Rigel Oliveri, 10 percent of women in Columbia, Missouri, had experienced significant sexual harassment by landlords. Most of these women were young and/or of color.

The harassment included unwanted sexual advances, requests for intimate activities in exchange for rent or repairs, and even intrusions into their bedrooms at night. Similar cases have been reported across the country, affecting women’s safety, privacy, and dignity. The Fair Housing Act prohibits discrimination based on gender in housing transactions, which includes sexual harassment.

However, many women are unaware of their rights or fear retaliation if they report their abusers. Therefore, it is important to raise awareness and provide legal support for victims of housing-based sexual harassment. That’s why it’s important for women who experience things like cocaloca did at the hands of the NYC Realtor to share their stories with the world.

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