What is the definition of a woman? It’s a question that so tough to answer that many women don’t even know the answer as we have seen amidst all the controversy about Supreme Court’s decision to not interfere with women’s bodies at the federal level when it comes to unborn children. Should the definition of a woman be defined biologically or by mental perception? These questions are being asked after Macy Gray had an interesting take on identity of transgender women.

Is Macy Gray Transphobic? Macy Gray Comment About Transgender Women Not Being Women Sparks Controversy

Macy Gray was recently on the Fox Nation show ‘Piers Morgan Uncensored’ answering a question about the recent issues involving transgender athletes. Before giving her take on the situation she admitted that the answer she was going to say would cause major controversy, and of course she was right as she is now going viral. What Macy Gray said was the elephant in the room that most celebrities are afraid to say publicly due to the fear of being cancelled, but is she right or wrong?

Essentially Macy Gray believes that transgender women are not women based on science. During the interview she says, “I will say this and everyone’s going to hate me, but as a woman just because you go change your parts doesn’t make you a woman, sorry”. In theory she’s right, because from a biological standpoint it’s literally impossible for a woman to become man, and vice versa. Now amount surgeries can make a man turn into a biological woman who can give birth to a child.

However, she’s also wrong because gender is actually mostly about perception. If people perceive you to be a woman, then that person can identify as a woman. By definition gender is actually an umbrella term that doesn’t directly relate to biological body parts. Gender actually refers to social and cultural differences rather than biological differences. In essence whether or not a transgender woman can be a woman depends on whether you are talking biologically, or gender wise.

Macy Gray is going to receive endless backlash, but you have to respect her willingness to be completely honest. Many celebrities are too afraid to be honest on controversial issues, which leads to them not being genuine with their fanbases. It’s okay for people to have different views on the topic of transgender women.

She believes in the biological aspect of what makes a woman, just as some people only believe the gender definition of what makes a woman. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Macy Gray is transphobic.

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