Is Teyana Taylor an Anti-Vegan? Teyana Taylor's Reaction to Plant Based Food at Met Gala is Hilarious. Teyana Taylor reacts to vegan food at Met Gala

Teyana Taylor is one of the fittest female superstars in music, so naturally her diet is probably important to her. This was highlighted during a red carpet interview at a recent Hollywood Event.

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Is Teyana Taylor Anti-Vegan?

Teyana Taylors reaction to plant based food at Met Gala has the internet rolling with laughter. It appears Teyana Taylor isn’t a fan of the vegan lifestyle or diet. She wanted some meat in her life during the event, not food made from plants.

When Teyana Taylor told the reporter “I’m ready to eat”, she replied saying “Do not you know it’s plant based?”. Teyana Taylor had a look of horror and shock on her face as she said,

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“Really!? Turn me around”.

There’s a good chance when Teyana Taylor actually tried the vegan food at Met Gala she was impressed by how good it tasted. These days plant based food can taste even better than the meat it tries to mimic. For example Atlas Monroe’s vegan fried chicken tastes better than the real thing, while being much healthier.

Also the Impossible Burger, and Beyond Meat products taste almost identical to their meat counterparts as well. Then there’s that vegan shrimp made from seaweed that is served in Google’s kitchens, which is also pretty good.

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The cat is out the bag now, Teyana Taylor and vegan plant based food don’t mix.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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