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Viral Video Shows High School Teacher Quitting Job During Class Because of Unruly Students

Everyone knows that teaching is a stressful job, especially for the one’s that are parents. Everyday a teacher has to come work and be patient and professional with students who want to make their job a living hell. Most teachers are really good at keeping their cool, but sometimes the stress just becomes too much.

Viral Video Shows High School Teacher Quit Job During Class Because Bad Students

In a video going viral, one teacher just couldn’t handle his job anymore. After kicking a student out the class, the teacher kicked himself out the classroom too. It was probably the first video ever of a High School teacher quitting during class.

Sadly the students in the classroom were laughing as they watched their teacher quit right in front of them. There was no laughing matter here though, as the incident shows just how unaware the students are of the realities of life. Years from now when they are grown, they’ll probably be ashamed they were part of a classroom that made a teacher quit during class. The video was captioned,

“Bro we done made the teacher quit.”

Hopefully that teacher has a contingency plan, because despite his students being unruly, that doesn’t warrant quitting your job while on the job.

It’s going to be really tough for him to find another teaching job since this video is now viral around the world.

Those students need to do better as well. Everyone loses in this situation.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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