Video Shows Moment Turbulence Made Spirit Airlines Flight Attendant Hit Ceiling After Being Thrown Into Air Mid Flight

Turbulence on flights is a common occurrence that usually it involves a few seconds of slight vibration. However, in some cases it can make you feel like your plane is about crash. Such was the case in a video where turbulence made a Spirit airlines flight attendant hit the ceiling of the plane.

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The footage shows the moment the Spirit airlines flight attendant hit the top of plane ceiling after some major turbulence. The way the turbulence tossed the Spirit Airlines flight attendant into air could only be described as scene from a superhero action movie. It also threw many of the passengers out their seats spilling drinks everywhere. You can hear the fear in everyone’s voices as they probably thought the plane was going down.

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When you hear stories about Spirit Airlines it usually involves their long history of passenger fights. It seems like they can’t catch a break with footage of disastrous situations on or off their flights, because this video of the Spirit airlines flight attendant hitting the ceiling of the plane after turbulence will never be forgotten.

She’s probably thinking about changing professions after that. Luckily plane landed safe, and no serious injuries occurred.

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Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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