Why Did Talladega Nights Child Actor Houston Tumlin Commit Suicide?

Sad news broke today that Houston Tumlin committed suicide today. He was the child actor from “Talladega Nights”.

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The news of his untimely death was confirmed by his girlfriend Charity Robertson.

Why Did Houston Tumlin Commit Suicide?

No one really knows what drove Houston Tomlin to suicide unless he left a note, but people will always speculate different theories. One conspiracy theory is that Houston Tomlin was depressed about the trajectory of his acting career, which was presumably his life dream.

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In Talladega Nights Houston Tomlin played Walker Bobby the song of Ricky Bobby aka Will Ferrell, and that was the only movie role he ever got. This fact may have been bothering him all his life, leading to possible depression.

On February 18 Houston Tomlin posted a picture showing himself on set with Grayson Crussell who played his brother Texas Ranger Bobby. It was the same picture Grayson Crussell posted back in 2019. That may have been a sign of the mental battle that was going on his mind.

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Why Did Talladega Nights Child Actor Houston Tumlin Commit Suicide?

Haunting Facts About Suicide

Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States. On average there are around 1.5 Million people attempt suicide each year. White men account for almost 70% of all suicide deaths in the United States. Men in general are almost 4 times as likely to die by suicide than a woman.

If you see a friend, family member, or stranger who seems suicidal, reach out and try to connect them with some help. Suicide prevention programs are more important than ever before, and can save many lives from suffering the same tragic fate of Houston Tomlin.

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