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97 Rock Buffalo Host Racist Comments Comparing Black Women Skin to Toast on Morning Bull Podcasts Goes Viral

One of the most racist talks ever heard in recent times on public radio happened so casually today it was simply shocking. 97 Rock Buffalo hosts’ racist conversation about black women’s skin tone and toast is going viral. The incident happened during the Morning Bull Podcast as host Rob Lederman compared black women’s skin tones to toast while talking to Chris Klein.

What Did 97 Rock Buffalo Host Rob Lederman Say About Black Women and Toast on Morning Bull Podcast

During the conversation Rob Lederman was talking about how he wouldn’t date a dark skin woman, based on what he feels is attractive. He said he would never date a Serena Williams, but could date a Halle Barry because she still looks partially white. That’s when the Rob Lederman said he likes his black women the same color as his Toast. It was unbelievable to hear such blatant racism being broadcast on public radio by 97 Rock Buffalo.

Press the unmute button at the bottom right of the video if you hear no sound.

The Ramifications of Morning Bull Podcast Host Rob Lederman Racist Remarks Comparing Black Women’s Skin Tone to Toast

Cumulus Media, which owns the 97 Rock Buffalo station has fired Rob Lederman. West Herr and Roswell Park, which are two companies the station had lucrative advertisement deals with have pulled their ads from appearing on the station. Of course todays episode of Morning Bull Podcast was removed as well. The backlash this racist incident has caused is going to lose the station a massive amount of money, as this was one their biggest shows.

There is no word on who Rob Lederman’s replacement will be, but hopefully it’s someone who has enough common sense not offend their listeners with blatant racism.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff