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Scientist Who Developed COVID Vaccine Murdered in His Apartment Fueling Conspiracy Theories

The scientific community and the public are shocked and saddened by the news of the brutal murder of Andrey Botikov, a prominent scientist who helped develop Russia’s COVID vaccine, Sputnik V. Botikov was found strangled to death with a belt in his apartment in Moscow on Thursday, according to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation.

Botikov was one of 18 scientists who developed the Sputnik V vaccine in 2020 at the Gamaleya National Research Center. The vaccine was hailed by Russian President Vladimir Putin as having a 91 percent efficacy during clinical trials, far higher than other COVID vaccines. Putin had honored Botikov with the Order of Merit for the Fatherland award for his work on the COVID vaccine in 2021.

Was Andrey Botikov Murdered by an Angry Anti-Vaxxer? Details About the Arrested Suspect

The police have arrested a 29-year-old male suspect who allegedly killed Botikov with a belt during a robbery. The suspect reportedly confessed to breaking into Botikov’s apartment, and attacking him when he resisted. The police are investigating whether there were any other motives behind the murder. It’s not clear if the suspect is an anti-vaxxer.

Is Andrey Botikov’s Death Part of a Larger Conspiracy in Russia?

Andrey Botikov’s murder has fueled a conspiracy theory concerning prominent people in Russia. The scientist’s death is one of several mysterious deaths of Russian elites in recent months. In January, Alexei Navalny, a prominent opposition leader and critic of Putin, was poisoned with a nerve agent and later arrested upon his return to Russia. In February, Leonid Volkov, another opposition figure and Navalny’s chief of staff, was found dead in his hotel room in Berlin. In March, Mikhail Lesin, a former media tycoon and adviser to Putin, was found dead in his Washington D.C. home with blunt force injuries to his head.

The murder of Botikov raises questions about the safety and security of Russian scientists and activists who are involved in sensitive or controversial projects. It also casts a shadow over Russia’s vaccine rollout and international acceptance. Sputnik V has faced challenges with its production capacity, distribution network, regulatory approval and public trust. Some countries have expressed doubts about its safety and efficacy data. The loss of one of its creators could further undermine its credibility and reputation.

Botikov’s colleagues and friends have expressed their grief and condolences over his tragic death. They described him as a brilliant virologist, a dedicated researcher and a kind person. They said he had devoted his life to fighting infectious diseases and saving lives. They called for justice for his murder and recognition for his contribution to humanity.