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Video Shows Protester Wearing Prison Costume Rushing Donald Trump’s Motorcade As He Left Federal Court in Miami

A shocking video has emerged online showing a protester running towards President Donald Trump’s motorcade as it was leaving the federal court in Miami on Northwest Avenue, where he had just testified. The protester, who was wearing a jail costume, and holding a sign managed to get past the security barriers and reach the road where the vehicles were passing by.

He was quickly tackled by Secret Service agents, and allegedly arrested by local police. The incident caused a brief disruption in the traffic, but no one was injured. The video, which was captured by a bystander and posted on social media, has gone viral, sparking mixed reactions from the public.

Some praised the protester for his courage and expressed their anger at Trump, who is facing multiple lawsuits and investigations for his alleged involvement in various scandals and crimes. Others condemned the protester for his reckless and dangerous behavior and defended Trump, who has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing and claimed that he is the victim of a witch hunt.

Trump has not commented on the incident yet, but he is expected to address his supporters soon. He has previously accused the protesters of being paid by his enemies. He has also blamed the media for allegedly spreading fake news and creating a negative image of him. Despite all the new allegations and looming court battles, he still maintains these same ideals, and still seems confident he has a shot being president again.

All things considered that protester is lucky they didn’t get ran over, because jumping in front a moving car is never a smart decision to make. The world of politics is crazy like that when it comes to people who are way too invested in it. Trying to make a statement against Trump isn’t worth risking your life. Thank goodness no one got hurt.

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