It has been discovered that Hershey’s Dark Chocolate has heavy metals inside it, and naturally people are panicking. Almost everyone has eaten chocolate from the company at some point in their lives. It’s well known that this type of chocolate has many health benefits, thus in this article we’ll discuss if the discovery of heavy metals in Hershey’s chocolate means the health risks of eating it outweigh the benefits.

What Kind of Heavy Metals are in Hershey’s Dark Chocolate?

The heavy metals found in Hershey’s Dark Chocolate are Cadmium, Lead, and Tin. The manufacturer, The Hershey Company, claims that none of the heavy metals have any relation to the health benefits of Dark Chocolate, so there is no risk of consuming it. Cadmium is a metal that is commonly used in manufacturing batteries. It’s been discovered that eating too much of this metal can have harmful effects on the human body, such as increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, increased risk of kidney disease and reduced sperm count.

Lead is a heavy metal that has similar side effects as Cadmium. Lead is known to increase blood pressure and has been associated with increased risk of cardiovascular diseases. Tin is an element that has been primarily used in the manufacturing of Bronze. It’s also been discovered that eating too much of this metal can have harmful effects on the human body, such as increased risk of kidney disease. To sum it up, Cadmium, Lead and Tin can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases, kidney disease and reduce sperm count.

How Do Heavy Metals Get in Dark Chocolate?

Making chocolate is a complex process that involves grinding beans and then adding sugar and water. Sugar acts as a preservative and allows the chocolate to last longer on store shelves. When chocolate is consumed, theobromine is released into the blood. This is where the chemical is toxic to humans, so it’s not a good thing. Chocolate is not just theobromine, though. It also contains flavonoids and caffeine, which are both important components of chocolate. Because of this, many researchers have been interested in the question of how much the heavy metals in chocolate cause any health risks.

The most common way that heavy metals get into chocolate is from the roasting process. Roasting is a chemical reaction that takes place inside the chocolate manufacturing plant. It involves beans that have been ground, sugar and water. The ingredients are put into a machine and agitated so that energy is transferred to turn the ingredients into a thick liquid that is then poured into the manufacturing machine.

What are Risks of Eating Heavy Metals in Dark Chocolate?

When scientists compared the risks of heavy metals and benefits of dark chocolate, they found that there were more risks than benefits for heavy metal consumption. Heavy metals in chocolate are dangerous, as we saw above. They can cause health issues like heart disease, diabetes, and neurological diseases. Heavy metals are contained in many processed foods, so even if you don’t eat chocolate, you are probably at risk of consuming them. Dark chocolate with a high theobromine content is especially harmful. This is the theobromine that gives you the high similar to caffeine. Dark chocolate with a lower overall theobromine content is safer, but it may still contain harmful heavy metals.

What are Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate?

Dark chocolate has many health benefits, making it a great snack for people trying to stay fit and healthy. It contains powerful antioxidants that help prevent diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Dark chocolate also lowers blood sugar levels, which can help prevent Type 2 diabetes. Although these benefits are great, eating Hershey’s chocolate is not the best idea. Chocolate is a delicious treat that can make people happy, but it should not be eaten in large quantities. Dark chocolate has many health benefits, but eating a bar every day can easily lead to health issues. It’s best to enjoy a small portion once in a while to keep your body healthy.

Hershey’s Dark chocolate is a delicious treat that has many health benefits. However, since scientists have discovered that the company’s dark chocolate contains heavy metals many are worried that consuming it will lead to health issues. Perhaps the safest bet is too make your own chocolate at home.

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