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The First 3D Printed Home Built in 48 Hours Is For Sale in Long Island New York For Unbelievable Price

The first 3D printed home built in 48 hours is now available for sale in Long Island New York for only $299,000.

This isn’t any ordinary home, it was almost completely built with by a robot using cement. Usually the foundation of house contains different materials such as wood and metal, but the first 3D printed home is 100% concrete besides the furniture and normal household utilities on the inside. The robot reads a programmed floor plan and literally prints the house layer by layer from the ground up.

While the $299,000 price tag may seem steep, that is relatively cheaper than other houses on the market in Long Island, NY. That is possible due to 3D printed houses being 50% cheaper and 10 times quicker to build than man made normal houses.

Take a look at news coverage from CBS about the first 3-D printed home ever made for sale.

The thought of living in a home built by a computer is as futuristic as it gets. Gone are the chances of man made errors shortening the lifetime durability of your living space.

This is the beginning a major change coming in Real Estate, people will be able to have their dream home built in a few days rather than waiting weeks or months. The investment possibilities are endless too.

Author: JordanThrilla