Here is Why Loki Charms Cereal Could Change The Way You View Breakfast Forever

Since the beginning of time Lucky Charms has been a cereal brand name synonymous with breakfast. Those crunchy sugar filled pseudo marshmallows mixed with milk and slightly sweetened cereal created the perfect taste when eaten. Now it has given birth to Marvel’s Loki Charms Cereal, and it won’t be easy to get.

According to reports, General Mills will only make 3,500 boxes of this supervillain cereal. This makes Loki Charms cereal a collectors item, which means you’re probably not going to chow down on a bowl. The resell value of a rare item like this can go for crazy prices as we have all seen before.

Here is Why Loki Charms Cereal Could Change The Way You View Breakfast Forever

Where To Buy Loki Charms Cereal?

This rare cereal can only be purchased from one place, which will be “”. Each box of Loki Charms will cost $8, and will be available for purchase starting June 9 at 11 am eastern time. Not surprisingly the Disney+ Loki show is also premiering on the same day as his cereal. See the connection there?

Bye bye Lucky Charms, hello Loki Charms cereal. Resellers are probably going to have a field day with this one.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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