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Details on Two Types of Planes Involved in Mid-Air Crash at ‘Wings Over Dallas WWII Airshow’ Near Dallas Executive Airport Causing Explosion

When you hear about airplane accidents in most cases it involves one plane. The chances of two planes colliding in mid-air in this day and age is almost 0 due to all the technology that prevents this from happening, but in some very rare instances it can still happen especially during an airshow. Sadly residents in Dallas had to witness a tragic situation like this unfold today.

Details on About Video Showing Two Planes Colliding in Mid-Air and Exploding near Dallas Executive Airport

According to reports at approximately 1:25 pm this afternoon two plans crashed in mid-air during the Wings Over Dallas WWII Airshow. Videos captured the moment in its entirety as the planes both exploded and fell to the ground in pieces. People shopping at a Family Dollar store were able to witness the scary incident. Dallas Fire rescue is already on the scene, but at the moment there are no reports regarding survivors, or how the accident happened. Take a look at the tragic footage.



What are the Two Types of Planes Involved in the Mid-Air Crash at Wings Over Dallas WWII Airshow?

According to the reports two planes involved in the mid-air collision near Dallas Executive Airport were a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress and a P-63 Kingcobra. As you can tell from the footage one of the planes is much bigger than the other.

Judging from the severity of the accident it’s hard to believe anyone can survive a crash like that, but we can still hope for a miracle. Story is still developing.