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Referee Man Flexing Costco Card on Woman in Crowd During Detroit Mercy vs Boston College NCAA Game Goes Viral

What does flexing look like during a recession when people are hurting for cash? A situation that happened during a recent Detroit Mercy Titans vs Boston College game could be a real life example that could answer that question. It’s no secret that for some men pulling an attractive or even average woman isn’t a simple task. For one guy is unique technique has him trending worldwide for more reasons than one.

Details About the Video Showing a Referee Man Using a Costco Card to Impress a Woman in Crowd

When it comes to cards that show you have money the first thought that comes to mind the coveted Black Card that has no spending limited. That type of credit card is usually only given to the ultra wealthy. Most people would never think of using a Costco card to show your spending power, but apparently it might be time for some people to start doing that due to the current state of the economy, and there could be proof it makes a difference in the dating world.

As you’ll see in the viral footage below during the Detroit Mercy Titans vs Boston College game a man wearing referee shirt was showing a woman in the crowd his Costco card. While it’s tough to definitively say he was trying to spit game, when he showed her the card you could see she said, “wow”. Unless she was faking it, that woman was legitimately impressed by the man’s Costco card, which is a win for him. On social media people are clowning him with jokes about being broke, while others are giving him credit for having the courage to confidently pull out a Costco card while possibly trying to get a woman’s number.


This guy is an internet legend. Imagine if he posts a picture in the next few days confirming he went on a date with the woman in the video. He would be seen as a hero.

Maybe Costco should reach out to him to be in a commercial one day.