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Video of Kamala Harris’ Neck Sparks Robot Mask Conspiracy Theories Inspired by ‘Men in Black’ Movies

A recent video has been going viral around the internet that has sparked a conspiracy theory that Kamala Harris is being replaced by a robot double wearing a lifelike mask. The video shows a close up view of Kamala Harris’ neck and what conspiracy theorists believe is the bottom of a mask that a robot is wearing.

The comparison to the Aliens in “Men in Black” who posed as humans by using giant robots wearing lifelike masks is being made by many. In recent years, there have been videos on YouTube of robots that have incredibly lifelike features that could easily fool people into thinking it is a real person, so the technology definitely exists to pull something like this off in theory.

The conspiracy theory began after a video was released that showed Kamala Harris attending an event and people started to question the unnatural way she moved her neck while talking. Some people began to speculate that due to her extremely busy schedule, it would be more feasible for a robot to attend events in her place. After the video was released, many people began to take screen shots of her neck and compared it to that of a robot. This sparked a huge wave of discussion around the internet, with some believing the theory and others completely refuting it.

On the left side of the photo below is how Harris’ neck usually looks compared with her neck in the video above. There seems to be a drastic difference, and the picture on the left is only from a few months ago. Could that really be a mask?

Video of Kamala Harris' Neck Sparks Robot Double Mask Conspiracy Theories Inspired by 'Men in Black' Movies

The ‘Men in Black’ movie series especially has been praised for its portrayal of aliens and their small-scale infiltration of human society. The movie follows the agents of the Men in Black as they investigate a robot-controlled alien invasion led by the villainous aliens known as the Bug. The robots are designed to look like humans, and are capable of blending in with the population. It is through the intervention of the ‘Men in Black’ that these aliens are stopped, and the world is saved from their evil plans. The scene below is a perfect example of why the movie is inspiring the masked robot double conspiracy theories about Kamala Harris’ neck.

The technology to create a lifelike robot that could fool people into thinking it is a real person is not something out of a sci-fi movie; it is a reality. In recent years, there have been videos showing robots that have incredibly lifelike features, and can do things like walk, talk, and even express emotions. A good example is the footage below that shows a group of engineers who are developing a Donald Trump robot.

This type of technology has been advancing quickly, and if it is not already possible to make a robot that could pass as a human, it won’t be long before it is possible. Do you believe that was a robot wearing a Kamala Harris mask, or is the evidence a big reach by conspiracy theorists?