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Here’s Why a MVSU Cheerleader Tried to Fight Alabama A&M Player Dailin Smith Then Got Ejected

During the Mississippi Valley State vs. Alabama A&M NCAA basketball game, a MVSU cheerleader was ejected from the game and escorted out of the arena by security after attempting to fight Alabama A&M player Number 15, Dailin Smith.

Why Did the MVSU Cheerleader Get Mad at Dailin Smith?

The incident began after a free throw, when Dailin Smith appeared to bump the cheerleader mistakenly while trying to inbound the ball. It appeared that the cheerleader felt offended, and on the next trip down the floor she confronted Dailin Smith. Footage of the incident shows the MVSU cheerleader pushing Smith, which led to her ejection from the game. The MVSU cheerleader’s name has been kept under wraps so far.

The incident has garnered a lot of attention and has sparked debate about the appropriateness of the cheerleader’s actions. Some have argued that the cheerleader was within her rights to defend herself when she felt disrespected, while others believe that the cheerleader should have handled the situation better and not escalated the incident.

In sports cheerleaders get bumped into all the time due to the fact they are often on the sidelines close to the action. It’s the same risk people who have courtside seats in the NBA have to be aware of. This might be the first time a cheerleader got mad about it to this degree.

In addition to the debate about the cheerleader’s actions, there has also been a discussion about the referee’s decision to eject her from the game. Some argue that the referee was too harsh, since the incident was minor and did not appear to be dangerous to anyone. However, others argue that the referee made the right call, and that the cheerleader should not have put herself in a position to be ejected.

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