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Draymond Green and Kevin Durant Drunk Dialing Lebron James From Tokyo Olympics After Winning Gold Medal Goes Viral

Remember how people said Lebron lives in Kevin Durant’s head rent free? It appears he’s even on his mind when he’s drunk in Tokyo Japan. A viral video shows Draymond Green and Kevin Durant drunk dialing Lebron James after winning a Gold Medal at Tokyo Olympics.

In the footage Kevin Durant couldn’t stop saying Lebron James’ name as he said, “Aye bron bron bron bron we got Lobos in the cup”. They were all paying homage to LeBron’s alcohol line, but really it showed how much KD can’t stop thinking about the man he has chased his entire career.

Thousands of miles across the sea, and KD still has LeBron James on his mind. Okay maybe in this case it was all friendly, and he was promoting his alcohol line indirectly. However, considering KD’s history of being seemingly jealous of LBJ’s success is it easy to see why this moment where Kevin Durant drunk dialed LeBron James from Tokyo Japan could be considered another incident of The King living in his head rent free.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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