Kevin Durant Accuses NBA Fans Of Not Liking the NBA In Response to Tweet About His Career

Kevin Durant might be one of the most delusional players in NBA history, and trend continued with another strange tweet. In response to a tweet a someone wrote about him staying loyal to OKC for 9 years, Kevin Durant decided to disparage NBA fans who are still mad he destroyed his legacy by joining a 73-9 team he choked against.

In Kevin Durant’s tweet he wrote “NBA fans don’t like anything about the NBA, and it’s weird”. The ironic thing about Kevin Durant’s comment is NBA fans love the NBA more passionately than fans of any other sport.

Kevin Durant Accuses NBA Fans Of Not Liking the NBA In Response to Another Tweet

The Fallacies of Kevin Durant Statement About NBA Fans Not Liking NBA

Kevin Durant still doesn’t realize that the passion NBA fans have for the game of basketball is what fuels the backlash he gets. Fans wanted to see the 7 foot tall shooting guard some people hail as the best offensive player in history take down the 73-9 warriors like the GOAT Lebron James was able to accomplish.

Instead the supposedly unstoppable Kevin Durant joined the team he choked against, the team he failed to beat just to win a championship. Why would any real fan of NBA like that? There isn’t a single superstar of Kevin Durant’s caliber that has made a bogus move like that.

After staying loyal to OKC for 9 years Kevin Durant was one game away from making the finals, but instead did this, against a team led by Stephen Curry who was playing on an injured MCL. See video below.

He could have joined any other team in the league and got his revenge on the Warriors for taking away his chance at the finals the season prior, but instead he joined the team that exposed him. Fans that truly love the NBA hated seeing that.

In essence it’s not that fans don’t like anything about the NBA, fans just don’t like anything about the way Kevin Durant’s career ended up turning out considering he’s a 7 foot tall shooting guard. You could argue KD is the biggest underachiever in the NBA history. He still hasn’t led a team to championship this late into his career.

Kevin Durant is probably a great person no doubt, but it’s hard to respect his NBA career if you really love NBA basketball. He just can’t seem to realize that when even other NBA players like CJ McCollum and Draymond Green have literally told him the same thing.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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