Kamaru Usman Knocks Out Jorge Masvidal After He Tries Taunting Him in Second Round at UFC 261

Kamaru Usman knocked out Jorge Masvidal after he taunted him in the second round. It was another case of Masvidal getting way too over confident when his Usman was controlling the fight.

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Leading up to this fight Masvidal talked about how in the first match he only had 1 week to prepare on late notice. He called Usman overrated and promised he would win this fight since he had 1 month to prepare this time.

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In the end Kamara Usman had an even easier time dominating him in their rematch.

The knock out came after Jorge Masvidal dodged a punch, taunted Usman, and then got hit hard.

Here was an interview before the fight where Masvidal was talking about all the extra time he had to prepare for their rematch this time around.

There’s nothing Jorge Masvidal can say about Usman now, because he’s been beaten twice in a row. Time to move on.

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People are smoking on that Jorge Masvidal UFC 261 pack tonight. Can anyone stop Usman?

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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