NBA 2k23 Gamers React to Shawn Kemp's Shooting Arrest Video in a Strange Yet Creative Way

Shawn Kemp, a former NBA star who played for the Seattle SuperSonics and other teams, was arrested on Wednesday after a drive-by shooting in Tacoma, Washington. According to police, Kemp was involved in an altercation between two vehicles and fired shots at another car. No one was injured in the incident, but Kemp was booked into jail on a felony charge of drive-by shooting.

A Viral Video Shows the Moment Shawn Kemp was Arrested at Tacoma Mall After Drive-By Shooting

The news of Kemp’s arrest shocked many basketball fans who remembered him as one of the most explosive and athletic power forwards of his era. Kemp was a six-time All-Star and a three-time All-NBA selection who led the SuperSonics to the NBA Finals in 1996. He also had a memorable performance in the 1991 Slam Dunk Contest, where he finished second behind Dee Brown.

However, Kemp also had a troubled career that was marred by drug abuse, weight gain, legal issues and personal problems. He struggled with cocaine addiction and alcoholism, which affected his performance on the court and his relationships off it. He fathered at least seven children with six different women and faced several lawsuits for child support. He also had run-ins with the law for marijuana possession, assault and theft. Shawn Kemp’s shooting arrest video is currently viral on social media platforms.

How NBA 2K23 Gamers are Reacting to the Shawn Kemp’s Drive-By Shooting Arrest Video

While some fans expressed sympathy and concern for Kemp’s situation, others took a more humorous approach to cope with the shocking news. Some players of NBA 2K23, a popular basketball video game that features Kemp as a playable legend, decided to use their creative tools to make light of his arrest.

NBA 2K23 allows players to customize their own courts, jerseys and banners with various images and texts. Some players used this feature to create banners that referenced Kemp’s shooting arrest, and their in-game skills at the same time. Apparently a new trend is to use Shawn Kemp’s 2k23 banner to let other people know you are great shooter on the court.

These banners were shared on social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit, where they received mixed reactions from other fans. Some found them funny and clever, while others thought they were insensitive and disrespectful. For example in a viral reddit post one gamer said, “I use this banner so people know I’m a shooter for real”.

NBA 2k23 Gamers Reacting to Shawn Kemp's Shooting Arrest Video in a Strange Yet Creative Way
Image Credit: Reddit

Some fans argued that making jokes about Kemp’s arrest was harmless fun that did not condone his actions, or diminish his achievements as a player. They said that humor was a way of coping with sad or shocking news, and that NBA 2K23 players were just expressing their creativity.

Others disagreed and said that making jokes about Kemp’s arrest was inappropriate, offensive, and way too soon. They said that humor should not be used to trivialize serious issues such as gun violence, and that NBA 2K23 players were just being immature and disrespectful.

What do you think? Is NBA 2k23 gamers making jokes about Shawn Kemp’s shooting arrest crossing the line?

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