Zach Wilson has got a bad rap in the NFL as being a player who is too soft. However, off the court it seems Zach Wilson isn’t the nice guy he seems to be on the field. Based on the recent allegations from ex-girlfriend Abbey Gile even his mom’s friends aren’t safe from Zach Wilson’s pimping.

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Was Zach Wilson Smashing His Mom’s Best Friend? Ex-Girlfriend Abby Gile Exposes Zach Wilson Cheating is Why She’s Dating His Former Best Friend

Recently reports were published alleging that Zach Wilson’s ex-girlfriend Abbey Gile was dating Dax Milne who was Zach Wilson’s best friend and BYU roommate. Amidst the rumors Zach Wilson unfollowed Dax Milne, and removed all photos of Abby Gile from his IG account. Recently Abbey Gile spoke out seemingly confirming the news, and also explaining what ended her relationship with Zach Wilson.

In a viral post on Instagram Abby Gile exposed Zach Wilson is smashing his mom’s bestfriend. She seemed to insinuate this was going on behind her back while they were still dating. If you remember Zach Wilson’s mom went viral during the NFL draft for being super attractive, so there’s no doubt she probably has attractive friends as well. It seems Zach Wilson may have taken advantage of that.

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Was Zach Wilson cheating on Abbey Gile with his mom’s best friend? Take a look at her claim.

Zach Wilson and Abbey Gile Image Credit: Instagram

It’s not often you hear about NFL players smashing friends of their mom, so naturally people are very shocked at these allegations.

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Do you think this has impacted Zach Wilson’s relationship with his parents? Would his mom be happy to know that her bestfriend is sleeping with her son? Talk about messy relationship situations.

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