Norman Powell Hasn't Updated His Twitter Bio From Saying He Plays For Raptors

Despite being traded a few weeks ago, Norman Powell still hasn’t completed transitioned over the Blazers franchise. If you go to his twitter you will noticed that Norman Powell hasn’t updated his twitter bio from saying he plays for the Raptors. Currently is still shows his career path as San Diego – Los Angeles – Toronto. In fact it still shows his physical location as Toronto, Ontario. He even still has on his Raptors jersey in his Twitter photo.

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Norman Powell seems like the kind of guy that doesn’t like to leave his past completely behind it. It was only a few days ago that he lined up on the wrong side of court during Raptors vs Blazers. He was standing with his old teammates while wearing a Blazers jersey.

Norman Powell’s twitter bio still saying Raptors is more proof he hasn’t completely let go of that stage of his career. Is that a bad or good thing?

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Norman Powell Hasn't Updated His Twitter Bio From Saying He Plays For Raptors

Perhaps Norman Powell didn’t change his Twitter bio from Raptors to pay homage to that point in his career. Winning a championship with a franchise makes a player’s connection to the orginization deeper than basketball in some cases. He was also having a career year there before being traded.

If this sends a message to Blazers fans, it should be that Norman Powell is very loyal.

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Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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