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Does Leaked Gervonta Davis Prison Phone Call Expose a Corrupt Judge Locked Him Up For Not Staying in a 1 Bedroom Apartment?

In a shocking turn of events, boxing champion Gervonta Davis was taken into custody on Thursday and sent to jail for violating his house arrest agreement. Davis, who pleaded guilty to four counts of hit-and-run last month, was supposed to serve 90 days of house arrest at his trainer’s home in Baltimore. However, he moved twice without the judge’s permission, which triggered a hearing and a jail sentence.

Davis was involved in a hit-and-run crash in November 2020 that injured four people, including a pregnant woman. He fled the scene and was later identified by witnesses and surveillance footage. He faced up to seven years in prison, but he reached a plea deal with the prosecutors that spared him from incarceration. He was also ordered to pay restitution to the victims, complete 200 hours of community service, and undergo three years of probation.

However, Davis did not comply with the terms of his house arrest. He bought another property in Baltimore and moved there allegedly without notifying the court. He also moved to another location in Atlanta, where he was training for his upcoming fight. The judge was not amused by his actions and revoked his house arrest privilege. He ordered Davis to serve the remaining 60 days of his sentence in jail.

Davis claimed that he moved because he wanted a bigger place for him and his kids, who would visit him during his house arrest. He said he did not intend to disrespect the court or the victims. His lawyer argued that Davis was not a flight risk and that he had complied with other aspects of his plea deal. He also pointed out that Davis had a successful boxing career and a charitable foundation that helped the community.

However, the judge did not buy his excuses and said that Davis had shown a lack of remorse and responsibility for his actions. He said that Davis had violated the trust of the court and the public, and that he needed to face the consequences of his actions. He said that Davis had put his own interests above the law and the victims, and that he had wasted an opportunity to redeem himself.

Does Gervonta Davis’ Jail Phone Call Expose Judge Being Corrupt?

In a viral video, which has audio from a prison call, Gervonta Davis claims that judge only locked up, because he didn’t stay in a 1 bedroom apartment. It seems he was insinuating that the judge was trying to make an example out of him, for moving to place where he could live comfortably while serving his house arrest. Take a listen to Gervonta Davis’ prison phone call exposing the judge.

Davis is one of the most popular and talented boxers in the world. He holds three world titles in two weight classes and has a record of 26 wins and no losses. He is known for his explosive power and knockout ability. He recently defeated Ryan Garcia in a thrilling fight that drew millions of viewers. He was expected to fight again later this year, but his jail sentence may put his plans on hold.

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