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Did Austin Rivers Diss Bronny James? Comments During Recent Interview Spark Controversy

Austin Rivers, the son of NBA coach Doc Rivers and a former high school basketball star, has stirred up some controversy with his recent comments about Bronny James, the son of NBA legend LeBron James and a current high school basketball prospect.

Why People Think Austin Rivers Dissed Bronny James

During a recent interview Rivers was asked about his thoughts on Bronny James signing a $7 million deal with a sports marketing company called PWR FWD under the new name, image and likeness (NIL) rules that allow college athletes and high schoolers in some states to profit from their personal brands.

Rivers responded by implying that Bronny James only got that deal because of his father’s fame and influence, and that he was not a top-ranked player in his class. He also claimed that he would have made much more money if NIL deals were available when he was in high school, as he was the number one player in the country at the time.

Here is the full quote from Rivers:

“Yeah, that’s just high school insane. I mean we know why he got that. He got that because he’s the son of LeBron James. If this was going on while I was in high school I probably would have signed a $50 to $60 million dollar deal with Under Armor. I’m not even kidding. I was the number one player in the country at the time, you know. Bronny’s not even, I don’t even know what is Bronny ranked? There was no fluctuation with me. I was one, you know. I mean it’s a very easy number to remember. I was number one in the country, and with the mixtape era that was out then if they had deals then in high school I would have probably added an extra $20 to $30 million dollars to my net worth”.

Rivers’ comments have sparked a lot of reactions from fans on social media, with some accusing him of being jealous of Bronny James and disrespecting his talent and potential, while others agreeing with him and saying that he is indeed overrated and only getting attention because of who his dad is.

Some of the critics of Rivers pointed out that he has not lived up to his hype as a high school phenom and has bounced around several NBA teams as a role player, while others defended him and said that he has had a solid career and has earned his respect in the league.

Some of the supporters of Bronny James argued that he is a legitimate prospect who has shown improvement and versatility in his game, and that he deserves to capitalize on his popularity and marketability, while others acknowledged that he has benefited from his father’s legacy but still has room to grow and prove himself.


The debate over Rivers’ remarks reflects the larger debate over the NIL rules, and how they will affect the landscape of college sports and high school recruiting. Some see them as a long overdue opportunity for athletes to monetize their skills and personalities, while others fear that they will create an unfair advantage for some schools and players and undermine the integrity of amateur sports.

Regardless of where one stands on this issue, it is clear that Rivers’ comments have added more fuel to the fire and have generated more interest and attention for both him and Bronny James. Whether this will translate into more success or pressure for them remains to be seen.

Do you think Austin Rivers is calling Bronny overrated? Would we know who he is if Lebron wasn’t his dad? However, you feel about those questions one thing is certain, Bronny should channel the doubt, and use it as motivation.

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