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Why People are Criticizing The Game’s Reaction to Losing His Right Hand Man Avante aka ‘AR’ in Murder Suicide Case

The Game, the Compton rapper who rose to fame in the mid-2000s with his classic albums The Documentary and Doctor’s Advocate, is going through a tough time. He recently lost his right hand man and longtime friend Avante aka AR, who committed suicide after allegedly stabbing a woman he was dating to death. Now he is facing a wave of criticism due to the way he is reacting to the situation.

The Game took to Instagram to share a long emotional post dedicated to his fallen brother, expressing his grief, love and gratitude for their friendship. He also posted several photos and videos of them together, showing their bond and loyalty. In the lengthy post Game wrote:

“I waited a few days because the initial impact of hearing you were no longer here on earth, simply crushed me. Since kindergarten it’s been me & you side by side going through life together. Staying up past our bedtimes watching WWE, to walking to the store to get a soda & chips every time we mowed another lawn & made $1 a piece, to growing up, smoking our 1st joint together, stealing cars, joining gangs, waiting on each other to get out of jail, sellin dope, gettin shot & surviving it all so that we could learn how to rap from watching “106 & Park”…… travel the world, stamp 4 passports, meet fans & see places we never imagined… It was ALWAYS “Chuck & AR”. It hurts my hurt to know that all I have left is my memories & I’ve been drowning them with my tears this entire weekend”.

He continued saying, “I’m crying while I type this because I miss you so much !!! My emotions are all over the place because of the entire situation & it’s hard to feel the way a person should normally feel when losing a best friend, brother… due to the fact that you not only took your life, but you took someone else’s as well”.

Game went on to say, “I send a tremendous amount of prayers to her family and my heart is with you all as you process the untimely death of your daughter, sister, niece, cousin, family member. In no way shape or form do I mean any disrespect at all or condone his actions in the matter but I promise you didn’t know the Avante I did. The Avante I grew up with, fought with, cried with & stood back to back for 30 years with was a happy, comedic father & friend who loved hard & would literally do anything for me, my children or anyone he loved”.

His post went on to say, “He was at the hospital for each of my children’s births & he did not miss one of their birthday parties & they would smile so hard when they seen him coming. I got shot & woke up from my coma… as soon as I was discharged he was right there to take me home. I got stories, memories & stuff I could share with you for days but right now my tears are an ocean running down my face as I’m still in shock, disbelief & repudiation over the whole situation. I’m hurt beyond belief & I’m going to miss you everyday until I am no more. I love you & my heart is with Ms. Rose”.

Why Did Avante ‘AR’ Commit Suicide and Murder His Girlfriend?

While not much is known about the intricate details of the case, there are some rumors on social media that Avante became very controlling of the woman he was dating, then found out that she was allegedly using him for clout since he knew The Game. The rumors suggest that Avante became enraged at this, which led to him stabbing the woman in her chest during an argument, then shooting himself. These are all just rumors about the motive.

Many people have criticized The Game for talking about someone who just murdered a woman in a positive light, but when you were friends with someone for that long, even when they did something you don’t agree you can talk about the good times you had together. In addition The Game made it clear he didn’t condone AR’s actions.

Prayers up for everyone affected by this tragic situation.

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