Prayers are up for one of the most legendary artists in the hip-hop world after a scary ordeal he faced last night. As we all know Atlanta has become one of the most dangerous places for wealthy black people in the hip-hop world. Whether it’s getting caught up with the FEDS, enemies, or just random people it seems like bad things are always happening in that area to hip-hop legends as of late. Unfortunately the trend continued with Nappy Roots’ Fish Scales.

Was Fish Scales Set Up by a Customer? Details on How Nappy Roots’ Fish Scales Got Shot, Kidnapped, and Robbed at His Atlantucky Brewery?

According to reports it was a regular day at the popular Atlantucky Brewery co-owned by Fish Scales, but apparently people were scheming on him. As soon as he closed the store for the day Fish Scales was shot, robbed, and kidnapped before he could make it home safely. Police reports state that Fish Scales was walking with a customer when they were approached by two armed suspects. The customer was shot while trying to run, which probably eliminates the possibility that Fish Scales was set up by the customer he left the store with.

After shooting the person he was with the robbers kidnapped Fish Scales by forcing him into his own car, and making him drive towards his home. On the way there he managed to escape, but the suspects shot Fish Scales in his leg during the altercation that ensued. Luckily he survived, and is expected to make a full recovery. His popular Atlantucky Brewery is located on 170 Northside Drive Southwest, and has been closed down temporarily in wake of the incident. Nappy Roots posted a picture of Fish Scales in the hospital to assure everyone that he is okay.

Atlantucky Brewery is a very high scale venue that you can drink, chill, view art, and eat good food at.

Lounge Area of Atlantucky Brewery

At the moment there are no details on who shot and kidnapped Fish Scales, which seems to convey the police haven’t captured the suspects yet. Hopefully this incident doesn’t impact the success and hard work Fish Scales put into to making Atlantucky one of the best breweries in America. Let’s hope he makes a full recovery, and remains safe.

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