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Lion Almost Attacks Migos Offset in Scary Video

A baby lion may look like a cute cuddly creature, but at the end of the day it’s still a lion with a powerful bite. The risk of getting too close to one was evident in a video where Migos Offset was almost attacked by a lion he was petting.

The scary footage shows the moment the lion tried to bite Offset while he was sitting next to it on a couch. It’s not clear if it was agitated at how he was petting it, or the fact that he stopped petting it.

Either way when the lion tried biting Offset, he jumped back with cat like reflexes no pun intended.

How Strong a Baby Lion’s Bite?

According to scientific studies the bite force of a full grown lion is 650 psi on average. In comparison the bite force of a full grown human is around 120 psi. Since there are scarce details on the bite strength of a baby lion it probably would be safe to assume it’s about half as strong as full grown lion, and about 3 times as strong as a human bite. In essence it could really do some serious damage.

Thank goodness that baby lion biting Offset was avoided.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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