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Kevin Gates’ Tight Jeans Pants Go Viral For Being Too Tight

We all know that wearing tight clothes is seen as a top fashion trend these days, just as it was back in the 70s and early 80s. Ironically just like how wearing clothes that didn’t fit was the style in the early 2000s, even though people are wearing tighter clothes now the fact still remains that in many cases they still don’t fit. In essence fashion changed, but remained the same in that aspect. A perfect example is how Kevin Gates’ tight jeans pants are now trending nationwide due to how uncomfortable they looked.

Kevin Gates’ Tight Jeans Pants Go Viral For Being Too Tight

Kevin Gates is not a skinny rapper by any means, but he loves wearing jeans made for a person who is much smaller. At a recent show Kevin Gates was walking around the stage with his underwear showing, because he was sagging his pants. However, it looked like he needed to sag his pants, because the jeans would have probably ripped if he pulled them up any further. Naturally someone Kevin Gate’s size wearing skinny jeans always looks a bit peculiar.

There was once a time when Kevin Gates weighed over 300 pounds, but he went on a weight loss journey and is now allegedly around 215 pounds. Standing at 6 feet 2 inches, he’s larger than the average man in terms of his overall stature. For someone like him fitted jeans would probably be perfect, but during his recent show he went to the extreme with some very small skinny fit jeans. On social media Kevin Gates’ tight jeans pants went viral for being too tight. Take a look at the hilarious footage.

One can only imagine what Kevin Gates went through putting on those tight pants. He probably had to jump up and down just to get them halfway up his legs. Taking them off will probably be more difficult then putting them on, and he will likely need assistance. Some people even think he basically would need to cut them off after the show. However, if he feels comfortable in them then that’s really all that matters.