Video of Pit Bull Attacking Man with Machete is Still an Internet Classic

Dogs are incredible animals that can be taught to do many difficult tasks, including fending off intruders with a large knife. That became evident after a video went viral some time ago where a Pit Bull with a machete in his mouth attacked a man.

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In the footage the Pit Bull used the machete to take swings at man using a skateboard to protect himself. It really looked like the Pit Bull was talking trash to him after every swing. The clanging sounds of the metal hitting the skateboard made it sound like a full fledged pirate fight between a dog and human.

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It’s not clear how the Pit Bull learned to use a machete so well, or why someone would teach him that, but sure did make for an interesting internet moment.

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Although a Pit Bull using a machete looks and sounds dangerous, that guy got lucky it wasn’t trying to bite him. If the Pit Bull attacked how they normally do, that skateboard would have been basically useless.

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That dog needs its own Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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