Why is Tekashi 6IX9INE Hanging Out With King Von Alleged Killer Lul Tim in Savannah? Tekashi69 hanging out with Lul Tim in Savannah Georgia. Here is Why People Think Tekashi69 has Fake Lul Tim Stunt Double. Tekashi 6IX9INE impostor Lul Tim lookalike

Tekashi69 is trending again for some very controversial moves. Remember when Tekashi69 wore that King Von shirt, and seemingly reenacted his death on Instagram? It seems he is continuing his trend of seemingly taking shots a dead rappers by targeting King Von again, or so it seems. A viral video shows Tekashi 6IX9INE hanging out with Lul Tim in Savannah, Georgia. Lul Tim is the man charged with murdering King Von. He’s currently out on bail.

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Within the hip-hop community Lul Tim is sort of like a villain for his role in King Von’s death. History tells that Tekashi69 is always going to align himself with people he knows people don’t like, especially when it furthers his probable motive of disrespecting King Von for clout again. Some people also think this might mean Lul Tim is a snitch, because Tekashi is basically an undercover federal agent at this point.

Does Tekashi69 have a fake Lul Tim Stunt Double?

There is debate around whether or not that is really Lul Tim in the video. In fact Lul Tim claims it isn’t him in the video as he reacted saying, “Why they cappin on my name”. In the same breath Wack100 said they have a video on the way together, which makes it possible that Tekashi 6IX9INE has an impostor Lul Tim look alike who is going to be an actor is his new music video. That could mean Tekashi69 might be trying to reenact King Von’s death again, except this time in a music video.

Tekashi 6IX9INE continues to make brave bold moves as he remains the champion of trolling his enemies on social media. For him nothing seems off limits when it comes to beef, so it’s not surprising to see what appears to be Tekashi69 hanging out with Lul Tim in Savannah Georgia. It is surprising to see Lul Tim associating with Tekashi, especially considering he has a trial coming up.

Is that really Lul Tim though?

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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