Have you’ve ever miscalculated where the end of ledge was then ended up falling violently to the ground? It’s a nightmare situation, because when it happens it’s tough to brace your fall since you didn’t expect to suddenly drop. Now imagine something like that happening in front of thousands of fans that are screaming your name. That’s what happened to Playboi Carti at Wireless Festival 2022, but the plot twist ended up being truly remarkable.

Playboi Carti Falling Off Stage Then Recovering in a Few Seconds at Wireless Festival 2022 Goes Viral

This situation happened, because Playboi Carti decided to run backwards before accurately calculating how long the stage was. He was so into his performance that it never crossed his mind to take a moment to look where he was headed before it was too late. Just like that Playboi Carti fell off the Wireless Festival stage landing hard on the ground with the world watching. This wasn’t any normal stage though, the drop was around 10 feet or more.

Miraculously Playboi Carti recovered within a few seconds of the fall, and didn’t seem to have any injuries. He was walking a bit funny for a few moments, but he didn’t appear to be in any serious pain. It appeared in the moment the adrenaline rush the fans were giving him blocked out any pain that he should have been feeling. However, it’s likely later in the day that he started to really feel the brunt of the stumble he took off the stage. Take a look at the scary moment that could have ended much worse than it did.

This video shows his amazing recovery, it was very Lebron James like.

Playboi Carti has had a lot of embarrassing moments on stage over the past few years, so he’s probably taking the jokes in stride. In any case he should be feeling good about the fact that he didn’t get seriously hurt. The length of that fall was enough to cause a broken bone. He could have even hit his head against the ground if he fell at a different angle. Lady luck definitely was feeling nice on this day.

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