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Was Nelly High on Percocet Drugs at Juicy Fest 2023? Nelly’s Strange Behavior During Juicy Festival Performance Fuels Conspiracy Theory

Recently rapper Nelly took the stage at the Juicy Festival 2023 in Australia and New Zealand. While his energy is usually infectious, this particular performance left many of his fans scratching their heads as he stumbled and slurred his way through it. His eyes rolled back in his head, and he was making strange movements with his hands. This strange behavior quickly sparked a conspiracy theory that Nelly may have been high on drugs, with Percocet being the drug of choice.

Nelly has not publicly addressed the rumors, or provided any explanation for his behavior at Juicy Fest 2023. This silence has only added to the speculation, and many people believe that it is a sign that Nelly was, in fact, high on drugs during the performance. Nelly’s speech was unusually slow, which is behavior is often associated with drug use, but also many other things such as simply being tired or exhausted. Take a look at the footage.

Nelly did the Undertaker eye roll. Truly a scary sight to see.

The conspiracy that Nelly was high on Percocet drugs during his performance at Juicy Festival 2023 cannot be definitively proven one way or the other.

However, something was definitely off about his behavior, which has left many people concerned. Maybe that was just him being real emotionally intertwined with his music in that moment.

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