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Is Kanye West Smashing Yasmine Lopez? Details on How James Harden is Connected to Rumor Kanye West is Dating Yasmine Lopez

It was not too long ago that Kanye West said he wanted Kim Kardashian back. His attempt to reconcile was quickly shot down as she said there was nothing he could do to repair their marriage. Now it appears Kanye West may have found another new beau, this time it’s a much younger IG Model.

Details Behind Rumor Kanye West is Smashing IG Model Yasmine Lopez

Recently Kanye West was spotted at J Mulan’s birthday party taking place at James Harden’s Thirteen restaurant. His presence instantly went viral after people noticed he wasn’t solo. Multiple videos show that Kanye West was with Yasmine Lopez as they partied the night away. Naturally this made people believe that Kanye West is smashing Yasmine Lopez.

Take a look at the evidence.

If Kanye West is dating Yasmine Lopez it continues the trend of he and his ex-wife dating people who are complete opposites of each other. Kim Kardashian went from Kanye to Pete Davidson, which is a complete 360 physically. Kanye went from Kim Kardashian to Yasmine Lopez, which is also a complete 360.

Yasmine Lopez is the second woman Kanye West has been connected to since divorcing Kim Kardashian. You probably remember his fling with Russian Model Girlfriend Irina Shayk.

Bagging a billionaire would be the highlight of Yasmine Lopez’s dating career.

Authors: JordanThrilla Staff