Should Ready Ron Be Blamed For DMX Overdosing? Here is the Story of Ready Ron Lacing DMX Weed with Crack at Age 14. Ready Ron laced weed with crack and gave it DMX at Age 14

With DMX’s tragic situation after an overdose, people are looking back at the history of his life both the good and bad. In particular many people are focusing on how DMX first came in contact with crack at a very young age. A few years ago DMX revealed how something Ready Ron did changed his life forever, which culminated in the heart attack he suffered a few days ago. The big question people are debating now is should Ready Ron feel guilty about DMX overdosing?

The Story Behind Ready Ron Lacing Weed with Crack and Giving It to DMX at Age 14

During an episode of Talib Kweli’s “People’s Party” podcast, DMX told a story of Ready Ron lacing a weed blunt with crack without him knowing. DMX said Ready Ron was like an older brother to him when he was growing up. DMX would do beatboxes for him while he rapped, which is how their relationship grew. He claims that after they did a robbery one night and split the money, he gave Ready Ron extra so he could buy something cool for his birthday.

On that day Ready Ron came back with a marijuana blunt, and passed it to DMX. Unbeknownst to him Ready Ron laced the marijuana with crack before giving to DMX, and when he smoked it gave him a feeling that he would continue to chase for the rest of his life. During that interview DMX explained in that moment he lost focus on making money, and instead could only think about the feeling that blunt gave him. Later on he would find out the blunt was laced with crack, which he says awoke a “Monster inside him”. That monster was a crack addiction.

The interview was very emotional, because you could hear the pain inside DMX when he asked Talib Kweli, “Why would someone do that to a 14 year old”. He said he always thought of Ready Ron as a “snake” from that moment on. The person he trusted and looked up to as a brother introduced him to crack at only 14 years of age without even letting him decide if he wanted to try it. He became a victim of the people around him.

Should Ready Ron Feel Guilty About DMX Overdosing?

It’s really a tough question to answer, and the only true answer should be given by DMX himself. However, from the outside looking in it’s easy to see that Ready Ron lacing crack in DMX’s weed blunt possibly contributed to his current situation. You could argue if he had never smoked the laced blunt Ready Ron gave him he would have never gotten addicted to the drug.

Let’s all hope that DMX can make a miracle recovery. The hip hop world continues to pray for his survival.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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